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First-Year Summer Programs

All students admitted for the Summer Term must begin in iGniTe, unless they are admitted to Challenge or First-Year Semester Abroad. The summer term help students acclimate to campus, get a head start on classes, and meet fellow incoming students before the fall semester. Learn about the different summer programs below and compare the options.

  iGniTe Summer Launch Program First-Year Semester Abroad (FYSA) Challenge Program
About the Program Students admitted to summer term are expected to begin in iGniTe unless they are admitted to FYSA or Challenge. iGniTe is your opportunity to get a head start on classes, learn the campus, and make friends! Students select from program tracks, attend events, and build relationships with their peers. This innovative program leverages Georgia Tech’s global campuses and programs to provide a high-quality, experiential learning opportunity for incoming first-year students who wish to internationalize their college career right from the start. Challenge is Georgia Tech's premiere, signature five-week summer residential program for academic advancement, professional development, and cultural exploration, hosted by the Office of Minority Educational Development (OMED).
Program Size 500+ students 100 students (50 per location) 150 students
Eligibility Requirement
  • First-year students admitted to summer term must join iGniTe unless they are admitted to Challenge or FYSA.

  • First-year students admitted to fall term may choose to enroll in iGniTe courses (additional costs apply).

  • Students must be 18 years of age by the time of departure for the abroad portion of the program.

  • Students must have credit for Calculus 1 (Math 1551) prior to starting the summer portion in Atlanta.

  • Students who are pursuing a major in the College of Design must discuss joining this program with their academic advisor.

  • Students in any major may also need to discuss specific academic questions with their academic advisor.

First-year students admitted to the fall or summer term are eligible to apply.

Who is recommended for this program? All incoming first-year students. Students interested in gaining intercultural competency skills and global perspectives.
  • Incoming first-year students who are interested in developing themselves in a diverse and multicultural environment with like-minded, driven students.

  • Students who want to enhance their skills and tools to navigate the academic demands and expansive resources of Georgia Tech (i.e. social, cultural, professional, academic, etc.).

Location Georgia Tech’s main Atlanta campus. There are two location options for this program: Metz, France (at GT Lorraine, with field trips in France) or Oxford, England (with two travel courses in Europe). Georgia Tech’s main Atlanta campus. Free on-campus housing is included.
Program Dates June 22 - July 26, 2022
  • FASET Orientation will occur prior to the start of classes.

  • Finals will conclude on August 4.

  • Lorraine, France
    July 11 – mid-December, 2022

  • Oxford, England
    July 11 - early November, 2022

June 25 - July 29, 2022
How many credit hours can be earned in this program? 6-7 credit hours (includes GT 1000 and two additional courses). 3 credit hours in the summer and 12-15 hours in the fall. No degree credits will be earned through this program; only program credits toward monetary awards, 1-2 hour audit credit, and program GPA credit towards scholarships and stipends.
Grades Grades earned during this program are permanent on your transcript. Grades earned during this program are permanent on your transcript. Grades will not affect your institutional GPA or financial aid awards. Challenge "grades" are for program credit and scholarship purposes only.
  • Students who earn above a 3.2 GPA will be reimbursed $150-$500 of program fees, with a chance to earn an additional $1,000-$1,500 in corporate scholarships based on program GPA.

Program Costs Click here to review program costs. Note, some financial aid is applicable. Students should visit for more information. Program charge + tuition and fees. Click here for details. $500 program fee, plus 70% of summer meal costs. Click here for details.
Is financial aid available for this program? Yes. Click here for instructions on how to apply for financial aid for the summer semester. Yes. Click here for instructions on how to apply for financial aid for the summer semester. No. However, program fee waivers are available (see "grades" above).
Are students eligible to also participate in a Learning Community? Yes. No. Yes.
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