Student Life

student life

Get Plugged-In on Campus!


student recruiter next to a display board

Community Fun

Clubs and Organizations

With 400+ student organizations on campus, you’ll have plenty of company pursuing your passions and interests.

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First-Year Experience

New Student Programs

campus rec center indoor track

Sports and Recreation

Campus Recreation Center

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Life on Campus

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

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Creative Connections


student diversity

Campus Resources

Student Diversity Programs

student life

Campus Cuisine

Dining at Tech

A big part of student life at Georgia Tech is what goes on outside the classroom. With more than 25,000 students and hundreds of clubs and activities, Georgia Tech makes it easy for students to build lifelong friendships and unique connections across the campus community. Catch a glimpse below of some of the ways Yellow Jackets keep connected on campus.

students building electronics

The Georgia Tech RoboJackets work on a project together.

people looking at an assortment of artwork

Visitors enjoy a variety of student artwork in the Clough Art Crawl.

a student on an eliptical

A Georgia Tech student enjoys the cardio equipment at the Campus Recreation Center.

a student demonstrating woodburning art

An artist demonstrates her wood-burning skills during a campus showcase.

a breakdancer balancing on his hands with his legs pointing upward

Breakdancers showcase their impressive skills.

aerial view of various food trucks on campus and closeup image of two friends sharing a food truck meal

Food trucks are welcomed to give Yellow Jackets a taste of everything.

a student racing down the road on a tiny tricycle with crowds of onlookers

A serious competitor concentrates on making it to the finish line in the annual Mini 500 tiny tricycle race.

a golden retriever visiting smiling students indoors

A friendly pet therapist helps students reduce stress.