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Our approach to design education is unique for a design school – as a Georgia Tech college, we naturally associate technology and research with our work. We use design thinking to develop new technologies, anticipate the future of buildings and environments, and change the way people experience art, everyday objects, and their immediate surroundings.

College of Design degrees focus on the intersection of technology and the ways people engage with the world. Our classes regularly dig into the science and engineering behind what is traditionally considered art. We emphasize human experiences, from products and soundscapes, to living in buildings and cities.

Kate Bosen

Kate Bosen

Major: Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

Kate Bosen planned on majoring in history when she first came to Georgia Tech. But she realized how much she wanted music to be a larger part of her life after a conversation with the professor of one of her choir classes.

“I realized I missed music, and I was also interested in music technology because I can actually get a job afterwards,” she said, “which I didn’t find from any other music programs around.” She transferred in to new Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, and has since thrived. Last year, Kate even won the Kim Scott Logan Award, the highest honor given to a music technology student.

She is working in the Brain Music Lab, which specializes in connecting music to the body, for her capstone project. Her project will discover new modes of artistic expression and find new therapies for clinical patients. “It’s really kind of poetic. It asks questions like, ‘How do you make music out of a heartbeat?’ or ‘How do you make music out of a brain signal?’,” she said.

Jonathan Schmidt

Jonathan Schmidt

Major: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

As a small kid, Jonathan Schmidt said he loved to make things out of cardboard and tape. When he enrolled at Georgia Tech, it was as an Aerospace Engineering major. When he decided to minor in Industrial Engineering, his life changed.

Jonathan said the industrial design classes he took introduced him to, “a different way of thinking, different from what engineering, CS, and various other classes teach. Being able to visualize your idea is really powerful.” He switched majors the summer of his Sophomore year.

His favorite class was Visual Design Thinking. A self-confessed doodler, Jonathan said it was a pivotal experience to get a comprehensive overview of bringing an idea to life with just pen and paper. He also worked on the BuzzRa project, an interactive product that students take to Dragon Con, to engage the Georgia Tech community there. He designed a dragon cosplay for a Buzz doll with flapping wings and integrated cameras.

Ash King

Ash King

Major: Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Ash King loves all the new music, food, art, languages, and friendships she gets to experience as an undergraduate in the School of Architecture.

“It’s a very diverse school, with people from all over the country and all over the world,” she said. “Tech is very different from the small town I grew up in, but I welcome all the positive changes it has brought to my life.”

Her favorite class so far is Intro to Design, she said. “It was the first class where I was pushed into learning how to draw and think about projects in a creative and descriptive way without relying on any computer software.” She learned how to design with several materials in the class, including clay, wood, and foam. Outside of studio, Ash is a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and the Gourd Visual Art Club.

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